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November 21, 2006

Chat with me!

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I just posted a chat window at the bottom of the side panel. It automatically connects you to my meebo account, and allows me to chat with any visitors to the page. Hope everybody gets a little out of this, and feel free to send me an IM anytime I am online 🙂


November 19, 2006

The World’s Most High-Tech Urinal

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n an effort to handle its nighttime public urination problem, Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is considering installing urinals that disappear below street level during the day. Unlike the automated, self-cleaning toilets planned for Toronto and Vancouver, which are enclosed booths with doors that that automatically open after a set time period, the Urilift system is a two-meter high stainless steel cylinder with three alcoves, each with a urinal, and no doors. read more…

Editors Notes:
Now I dont know about all of you, but this would’ve come in pretty handy some of those long drunken nights in downtown Colorado Springs/Denver/Crested Butte. Ok, this thing would come in handy pretty much anywhere drunk guys hang out.

November 16, 2006

Top 10 Windows open source (and free) applications

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All this software is free to download and use. However, feel free to donate to to whatever applications are most useful to you.

1. Mozilla Firefox (web browser)
Simply the best open source browser out there. Cross platform, meaning it is useable on Windows, Linux, and Macs. Allows tabbed browsing, and has an included pop-up blocker.

2. Mozilla Thunderbird (E-mail Client)
E-mail client provided by Mozilla. Again with open source, and with the proper add-ins, allows for much of the same functionality as Microsoft Outlook (which by the way costs $500 with the Microsoft Office suite).

3. Open Office (Office Suite)
No need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars purchasing Microsoft (M$) Office just so that you can save a document as a .doc or .xls file. No more need for struggling college students, or entrepreneurs starting off to spend all that money on M$ products.

4. Gaim (Instant Messenger)
Chat using any service you would like to — AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, IRC, ICQ, Jabber — with this multi-platform, tabbed IM client.

5. ClamWin (Antivirus)
Sick and tired of paying every year for another subscription to Norton, or McAfee? No more need to break out the credit card and spend all that money, ClamWin is a free open-source Antivirus application that allows automatic updates and scheduled scans.

6. VLC Media Player (Audio/Video Player)
Sick and tired of not having the right codec to play video or audio files in Windows Media Player or Quicktime. VLC Player is a robust media player that plays almost any type of file.

7. KeePass (Password Manager)
Do you have multiple different passwords for multiple different sites and e-mail accounts? No need to remember them, and ensure you remember when they have been changed. Check out this article on Securely tracking your passwords for more on using Keepass

8. Cygwin (Unix Command Line Emulator)
No more using the DOS command line. Download Cygwin and check out these tutorials (part 1, part 2, part 3).

9. Eraser (Data Deletion Utility)
Just in case you need to keep your government information confidential, this software securely deletes all files on the hard drive. Dont deal with government classified, this will also permanently delete all your date prior to selling or throwing your hard disk away.

10. TrueCrypt (File Encryption Utility)
You’ve got a folder full of files you don’t want anyone to access but you. Lock it (or an entire thumb drive) up with the free TrueCrypt software. Check out this Encrypt your data article for more on using TrueCrypt.

Got any other open source software you think needs to be added to this list? Tell me about it in the comments section and I will check it out and post it.

Gmail Mobile for Cell Phones

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Google has released Gmail Mobile, a new cell phone client application, for everyone’s favorite web-based email service, Gmail, or at least my favorite web-based email service 🙂

The Gmail Mobile app, which runs on your Java-enabled phone, is a nice improvement on the previous Gmail Mobile, which just provided a stripped-down version of Gmail optimized for mobile viewing. The new Gmail Mobile client, on the other hand, has all sorts of nifty features.

Google is touting the app as offering a much “faster, more Gmail-like user experience,” which naturally sounds great. Also, all email you send and read on your phone will be automatically synced with your browser (should we have expected anything else?). On the more impressive side, you can now view attachments like PDFs, Word docs, and photos, and a bevy of keyboard shortcuts should help you navigate your email more quickly once you get the hang of them.

In general the new Gmail Mobile promises to let you do nearly everything with Gmail that you can do from your computer. To install Gmail Mobile, direct your mobile web browser to I have done this on my phone and it is awesome. Much faster than browsing to the website, logging in again, and fighting with the slow connection speeds. Somehow Google has done it again and managed to impress me with yet another incredible feature.

Get a temporary email address with Spambox

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Most likely, most of us have had to register at a site in order to view content, download something, etc. It’s irritating that in order to get our stuff, we have to register (and suffer through the inevitable spam that follows). Spambox can help you avoid that.

Spambox creates a temporary email inbox – you specify exactly how temporary you want it to be – and then forwards all your mail to your regular inbox. For example, this might be especially helpful if you’re registering at a forum and need to finalize with a confirmation email: just set your Spambox time limit for an hour, get confirmed, and your record is wiped clean.

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